Business training at officeAre you looking for a facilitator who can create a bold, positive space in which to achieve your objectives? 
Sherri determines what success will look like in her discovery process, uses strength-based techniques and drives to the outcome you’ve identified.

Do you want an expert strategist to guide — not control — your strategic planning process? 
Leveraging her education in Strategic Planning and Psychology, Sherri asks provocative questions and follows the energy in the room, shepherding the process to your outcomes.

Are you looking for the right amount of “conflict” in your facilitation to spur innovation and yet maintain relationships? 
Sherri understands that innovation is bred by different opinions and relationships from similarities. She creates a space that all participants’ ideas are honored and contribute to the final result.

Are change resisters an issue as you try to implement an initiative? 
Sherri facilitates sessions that help the initiatives make sense. Using her pre-facilitation interview process, she gets to the core issue before she walks in the room and leverages the group dynamics to break down fear and create a system for success.

Need an objective third party to resolve tough and long-held issues that are inhibiting success? 
Having managed for 20 years and been trained in multiple disciplines such as Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers and Neurolinguistic Programming, Sherri has both the experience and the training to provide insights, resolve core internal issues and move the needle.

Sherri creates a powerful alliance which allows you to:

  • Accelerate accomplishing your objectives
  • Resolve critical issues
  • Ensure full participation and contribution

She will define the objectives, choose a facilitation method that makes sense, design an agenda that serves your purpose and manage the process. The participants will leave with a sense of accomplishment, tools for enhancing effectiveness and shared accountability for the results. Sherri also completes comprehensive Decision Choose Change or  Same Old Streetsummary notes with recommendations for next steps.

Services include:

  • Strategic retreats
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Change initiatives
  • Merger discussions
  • Market research facilitated discussions

If the time is now, connect with Sherri at (858) 583-3097 and sherri@vpistrategies.com