coaching you to illumniateFirst, define what it means to you. Then dare to make different choices, for you and your team. Change your mindset, conversations and activities to claim stellar results.

Ready to work with someone who already believes in you? You are whole, resourceful, and creative. You have more answers than you are aware. Success comes from the inside out. An objective party committed to the best outcome, it is Sherri’s job to ask powerful questions and provide insights on a professional level and illuminate answers on a personal level. She was trained by ICF-certified Master Coach, Dr. Wilson Bullard, and has been coaching in an official capacity since 2002.

Performance coaching — individual and team. You will:

  • Take validated assessments that will increase self and /or team awareness.
  • Identify obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals whether it be your own performance or your team not working as effectively as you know they can.
  • Look at root cause. Changing behavior won’t stick without addressing the belief structure.
  • Determine potential solutions using a new lens and commit to successful steps.
  • Work your way to the goal with an accountability partner who celebrates your progress.

Business coaching for entrepreneurs includes:

  • Determining your strategic intent
  • Defining a successful business model honoring you and your employees
  • Creating a strategy that will work for you
  • Finding solutions with specific emphasis on marketing and operational strategies
  • Partnering and celebrating in your success
  • Connecting you to clients, power partners and other resources

Career coaching includes:

  • Determining your best career outcome
  • Developing a short and long-term strategy for you
  • Understanding and navigating the obstacles in your road
  • Connecting you to resources
  • Becoming your accountability partner
  • Creating a space for your success

If the time is now, connect with Sherri at (858) 583-3097 and